How has being in DSP strengthened your personal and/or professional development?

"Being in DSP at UVA has changed me completely. Ever since joining, I have not only grown in my personal and professional development, but also in my emotional development. I think that what I have noticed most is positive changes in my relationships, my confidence, and my overall happiness. The people I have met through DSP are now some of my best friends, and I am so grateful to have this group of people to rely on and to spend time with during my four years at UVA. I know that these bonds will carry on to my professional life as well… my fellow brothers are some of the smartest and most hard working people I have ever met, and I know that we will all be great assets to each other in the future as we continue to network. Additionally, being in DSP has really helped me to grow in my confidence. I have held two executive positions, Webmaster and Social Chair, and both of these have encouraged and challenged me to speak up for myself and also to learn how to be more creative and more dependable. Lastly, DSP has really contributed to my overall happiness. I could not imagine my UVA experience without it and cannot wait for the next two years." - Mae Schwab


What separates DSP from other business organizations and fraternities?

"I think DSP is different from other business organizations because the people within the organization are some of the most well rounded individuals I've ever met." - Rose Steingold 

"I believe that what separates DSP from other organizations is that it is an open space where our ideas can be conveyed and it provide us the tools to be successful" - Jonathan Lopez


Why did you join DSP?

"I joined DSP to make some friends, and to get a better understanding of what the business world looks like." - Pierce Schmidt-Fellner

"I joined DSP over other organizations because of the I saw the need for professional improvement and I felt that DSP’s culture is a great place to do that." - Jonathan Lopez

What has been your favorite memory in DSP?

"My favorite DSP memory was our speaker weekend. It was so interesting to hear from business leaders in all different industries!" - Sarah DeCicco

"My favorite DSP memory so far is initiation day because I felt immediately welcomed into such a driven and valuable community." - Emmet Aydin


Our VP of DEI's Statement on our Chapter's Commitment to Diversity:

"At Delta Sigma Pi, diversity and inclusion are crucial aspects of our identity. Together, we continue to build an inclusive culture that encourages, supports, and celebrates the diverse voices of our members. All students and faculty should feel fully engaged and know that their contribution matters in and out of the classroom. Delta Sigma Pi at UVA wants to encourage this by creating a safe space where students and faculty feel free to share their opinions and learn about the differences that make our diverse community better. To encourage this safe space Delta Sigma Pi has created The Friday Exchange. DSP members, students, and faculty will gather on the first Friday of each month over coffee and breakfast to facilitate an ongoing exchange on issues such as confirmation bias, unconscious bias, and gender equity. We will also hold a workshop every semester in order to understand how we can better be allies and make sure we are becoming as educated as possible." - Hannah Baltimore